What is a Zero FIR?

What is a Zero FIR?



In our Country , the capital itself is known to be  one of the most dangerous cities to live in . Many protests took place all over the country against the lame  status of law and order.  After that, the ruling body came up with  provisions  to set the motion of justice favoring the victim. Alas!  the tragedy lies in unawareness of masses regarding their rights  and on the part of  government failing to spread awareness, as well.                                                                                                                                Zero FIR is one such provision, which might help the victim to appeal for investigation without wasting time. To understand Zero FIR, first let us know what is a FIR, i.e. First Information Report.


But, many times the victims are denied the right to file a FIR by police authorities because the  area of  crime took  does not fall under their jurisdiction.                                               Remember, the scene from film PINK,    

zero-fir-taapsee-panu “a still from  film PINK, when Meenal Arora approaches police station to file a FIR “           

when after being molested and threatened in a moving car , by some boys . Minal Arora, (played by Taapsee Panu) is denied of her rights to file an FIR in a police station with a statement  :                                                                                                                                         “Lekin ghatna to surajkund ki hai”                                                                          That meant the area of crime does not fall under their jurisdiction. Many victims  like her , who have not faced legal proceedings ever in their life,  are unaware of  such proceedings and provisions provided by law.

The concept of Zero FIR :

The concept of zero FIR came after the Nirbhaya case of December 2012,On January 18,2013  after strong protests by the citizens.

epa03516258 Indian Delhi Police use water canons to disperse thousands of protestors mostly students who gathered outside the Indian President house to protest against the recent brutal gang rape in New Delhi, India 22 December 2012. Thousands of protestors gathered outside the Indian president house to protest against the brutal gang-rape of a 23 year old girl who is still in critical condition in hospital. The Police had to use water canon, tear gas and cane charge to control the crowd. The protestors demanded amendment in laws and stricter law against sex crimes. EPA/ANINDITO MUKHERJEE EPA/ANINDITO MUKHERJEE
      “The protestors demanded amendment in laws and stricter law against sex crimes post nirbhaya case “

The provision of Zero FIR came up as a recommendation in Justice Verma Committee Report in the new Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 after the heinous Nirbhaya case of December 2012.

The provision says :

A FIR can be filed at any police station irrespective of place of crime and area  of jurisdiction. This provision is  for everyone . When in trouble Men and women  will be benefited equally.zero-zero

The procedure:

The introduction of the concept Zero FIR is an applaudable effort for ensuring that the procedure of investigation  in motion starts without wasting much time. When the victim  files a FIR, if it becomes apparent  that the crime was committed outside the jurisdiction    of the police station, then a FIR is lodged by the police under the serial numbers “00”.            It is then transferred to the concerned police station under which the case falls so that investigation process  starts swiftly . Zero FIR allows the authorities to think about the           initial action that they should take rather than trying to figure out what had happened           at the crime scene initially.One great advantage is that the victim is not compelled to run from pillars to post,her complaint is lodged considering her statements to be  gospel truth.

What if police refuse to file a Zero FIR?

Police authorities can not refuse to register a FIR on the basis that crime was not committed under their jurisdiction. A police officer who does not register an F.I.R relating to an identifiable crime can be punished with imprisonment ranging from six months up to two years and fine.


The infamous Asaram Bapu Rape case:asaram_18092013

The report against The self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu  was filed as a Zero FIR. The complaint about the crime committed in Jodhpur  was lodged in Delhi by a minor girl who hailed from UP.  Delhi Police then booked Asaram under the charges of rape and wrongful confinement   on August 21. The case was later transferred to Jodhpur police, where the  actual crime took place.

Why it is needed:

  1. In India, 93 cases of rapes are reported every day. Provisions like ZERO FIR are  essential to bring out the process of justice in a very efficient fashion. Many cases go unsolved because of lack of evidence, which was lost because of wastage of time.
  2. Crimes like murder, rape and accidents require immediate action from the concerned police authorities so that they take appropriate samples, eyewitnesses, and other circumstantial details.
  3.  Zero FIR is a great asset when you are  traveling and unfortunately  become a victim of    any cognizable crime .You can reach any police station and file a zero FIR .


The concept of Zero FIR is a free jurisdiction FIR. It was introduced in order to avoid the delay in filing the crime  that adversely impacts the victim .                                                   The government should run campaigns to make people aware of such provisions and peoples should also show more concern about knowing their rights.

Say NO to ignorance , say NO to injustice, No means NO

Know your rights, citizens!

Know your rights!


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