“Are you a kind of a person who loves loud music, going to clubs and bars and live concerts to feel the head rush, get drunk and rock the dance floor

But have you ever wondered why these clubs/bars play such loud music and  if you ever noticed that you drink your booze faster when you’re out at a bar than you do just sitting at home? You probably do, and apparently, it’s because bars and restaurants have learned that loud and fast music makes you eat and drink more, at a faster rate.


Loud music is the stimulus for a party, and who doesn’t like to party, right? This logical strategy brings in the customers which in turn makes the club money.

Shocked ?? yeah and here is how they do so :

Reason of loud music :

Bars and drinking go together like peanut, butter and jelly, and now there may be a scientific reason for why “Alcohol tastes sweeter when loud music is playing”

Reason 1: When music is loud in a club it vibrates the room making the people vibrate and energetic. This is actually visible in people who are exercising. When you are dancing the movement works up a sweat making the people thirsty. More enthusiastically partaking, which makes bar owners more money.


Reason 2: Once inside the club, the music is so loud that there’s little room for conversation, so people tend to give up on talking and instead just get drunk, dance and drink some more, further increasing the profits.


Reason 3:  There’s a large number of people dancing in a large building. Therefore, the music is played loudly to drown out other people’s voices, and so everyone in the building could hear it.

Why people drink more in loud music :

With research on music, food and drink, high sound levels that is from 72 dB which is considered normal, up to 88 dB, caused higher arousal, which led the subjects to drink faster i.e. on average the number of drinks ordered by customers increased from 2.6 to 3.4 drinks.


And high volume music also meant each drink was drunk faster, on average 11.45 minutes per glass compared to 14.51 minutes when the volume was lower.


Loud music overpowers the senses and cognitive judgments, people at parties often overeat and overdrink which is generally means ordering more drinks.

So next time when you go partying or end up drinking too much, don’t feel guilty about yourself, after all, it’s not your fault, you are made to do that by the greedy club/bar owners. So cheers and happy clubbing.