Why do I always get side upper berth ?


Everyone like watching movies. I too am a movie buff. Like any other online shopping things, I love the idea of buying movie tickets online, you know the joy of choosing your own seats.


You would be wondering why the hell am I talking about movie tickets when the heading is “why am I always allotted side upper berth”?

So the answer is because few days back I randomly got this WhatsApp message on one of my family group giving the reason “ why IRCTC does not allow us to book seats of our own choice”  in train like we can do in “book my show”?

This message is giving some physics reason behind that. You can also check whole WhatsApp message here.

So coming to our topic, which is related to this message also. Let me tell you the reason and algorithm of the IRCTC for allocating seats.

Allocation of berths in any train is dependent on many factors like,

Firstly there are many quotas reserved like tatkal quota (20% of seats are reserved for this),

Premium tatkal, VIP, handicapped, emergency/medical, senior citizen quota ( single ladies passenger above 45, single male passenger above 60), pregnant ladies, cancer quota etc..


So basically when we book our tickets, preference of lower berths are given to quotas mentioned above. So you are lucky if you are falling in any of the quotas.

Then remaining seats are given on the basis of FCFS (first come first served) . Again here also you are scanned on the basis of your gender and age, for eg, if you are a single lady below the age of 45 then IRCTC make sure to allocate your berth with family or a group of ladies only.

So all the boys there, maybe now you can figure out why you never got a chance to encounter single ladies.


Lastly, remaining seats are filled on the basis of “compact accommodation over choice”, that means IRCTC try to fill remaining berths to fill one coach completely.

Rahi baat WhatsApp message ki toh, just try to think , on an average weight of a single empty coach of a train is around 45-50 tonnes, so weight of few people can not make the train derailment.


Technical details like radius of curvature, banking angle, center of gravity of the train are taken care of previously at the time of manufacturing. Weight of few people don’t make much difference for the train derailment.

Generally, any train gets derailed when there is any fracture in rails or when the speed of train is too fast or too slow than pre decided.


Now that you have real information about train derailment and also most importantly why you always get side upper berth when you are really late for tickets booking.

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Happy reading and keep smiling.